Data Sculpture at Cultural Olympiad closing event

The emoto project set out to characterize the emotional response to the Olympic Games London 2012. Over 12 million tweets, which were collected during the project runtime, are now preserved in a unique data sculpture, serving as an aggregate archive of the collective response to the games.

The installation is made up of 19 milled plates, each representing one day. The hills and valleys of the landscapes represents the ups and downs of the games as experienced by audiences world-wide.

The plates are physical manifestations of ‘sentigraphs’ with time on one axis, emotional response another axis, and intensity represented in height.

In addition, individual stories are projected onto the data sculpture. Viewers of the exhibit can choose different projected overlays which illustrate how individual stories related to the Games were commented online over the course of the 19 days.

In addition, a wall mounted chart with tweet annotations highlights the ups and downs of the games as experienced by online audiences.

The emoto data art sculpture was part of London 2012 Festival and was presented at the Cultural Olympiad closing celebration for London 2012, WE PLAY Expo, 7-9 September 2012 in Preston England.


More resources

Project documentation by Studio NAND



Created by Moritz Stefaner, Drew Hemment, Studio NAND.

A FutureEverything project for London 2012 Festival and the Cultural Olympiad programme.

Funded by Arts Council England and WE PLAY/Legacy Trust UK.

Infrastructure design & development by Gerrit Kaiser.

Citizen journalism by Andy Miah

Evaluation and blogging by Ege Sezen.

Project management by Leon Seth and Nick Lawrenson.

Communications by Jo Williams, Anita Morris Associates.

Emoto is produced by FutureEverything and Studio NAND.

Sentiment Analysis Partner