One thought on “emoto installation 02

  1. I am a designer, lecturer in Design and also embarking on an MA in Creative Practice. I am fascinated in how you used the twitter information and enhanced this into a 3d sculpture.
    I want to use medical data and have access to DNA in how it is used to develop stem cell technology. Please could you give me some information or put me in contact with people who could help, advise and guide me how to go about using this data to develop something that is arts based and yet informs the public and raises awareness my case of the scientific research that is being carried out.
    It may also be a possibility to visualise possibly things that the general public can do to help reduce the early onset of osteo-arthirtis.
    I am a fundamentally a designer that wants to use the MA to develop my practice and data story telling & visualisation is where I want to go.
    Pleas help and advise
    thank you

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