Sentiment Analysis Partner

Lexalytics is a partner in emoto.

The emoto artistic representations are based on insights provided by Lexalytics. The software can analyse twitter ‘chatter’ and detect ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ sentiments in online comments around London 2012.

Lexalytics are providing sentiment analysis for the emoto project through their Salience Engine. Lexalytics builds a text analysis engine that’s entirely purposed for OEM integration into an application or service. Refined and improved over 9 years, Lexalytics’ Salience Engine is a multi-lingual text analysis engine that is currently integrated into systems for business intelligence, (social) media monitoring, brand management, survey analysis, customer satisfaction, and more. It includes modules for Sentiment Analysis, Named Entity Extraction, Theme (Context) Extraction, Entity-Level Sentiment Analysis and Summarization.


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